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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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out there. let's get right to storm team 4's veronica johnson. >> we've had a handful of severe storm warnings and we could see a few more. we are seeing them blow up very quickly. reports too of some large hail already in this area. about an inch size hail. a little larger too. you can see it. reston to fairfax. right around manassas. some lightning to go along with the hail. all this tracking down toward the south to areas like burke, fair vernon area. then southern part of that line right through fauquier county toward quantico and hartford. we'll continue to see that line form over areas of 66. we're seeing it in frederick county virginia.
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toward winchester white coast. cord cedarville. the potential of hail too until 4:00 p.m. hail it could be large. we could see gusts of 50 miles per hour. some heavy rain and lightning. i think we'll hold on to this possibility until perhaps 6:00 p.m. this evening. another look at the radar. we'll continue to jump in should any new warnings be issued. >> thank you. now to a tragic story we've been following all day. a district firefighter dies after racing to help people in a high rise fire. >> d.c. lost a hero today. lieutenant kevin mcrae a 24-year veteran. >> lieutenant kevin mcrae was one of the first firefighters to make it up to the ninth floor of the burning building on seventh street downtown. >> chris gordon joins us live
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where he caught up with the people who frantically ran down to get out. >> reporter: here's the latest from seventh street. you see emergency equipment still blocking the roadway. the building is closed. people are out. d.c. fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of this fatal blaze and they have help. federal agents from atf. the explosives and fire investigators from atf are here. now, flames this morning as well as dark smoke billowing out of the penalty in floor of this ten-story building. we had one fatality as you mentioned. a firefighter who collapsed. another was transported to the hospital in serious condition. two residents were transported with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. for the people who evacuated and got out, they feel lucky to have gotten out alive.
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>> nobody can use the elevator. i had to rush by the stairways. >> you just posted some storm warnings. where will they go? we've been told they are going across the street to get out of the weather. when will they get back inside? we don't know for sure. possibly this evening. when we get in it will be restricted to floors 1-7. 8-10 they will not let people into those areas where the fire damage is the worst. coming up on news4 at 5:00 we'll hear from the woman who lived in the apartment where this fire broke out. and we'll hear what she has to say about it. let's to go mark seagraves. >> reporter: this is the station where lieutenant kevin mcrae had been stationed four years. you can see the black bunting
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has been put up in honor of their fallen brother. the firefighters have been steaming through the fire house consoling one another since news of the word spread. he is scribbled as a friend. he was described as a friend a mentor. his team was the first inside that fire today and they are credited with putting that fire out. when mcrae made it down to the first floor and outside that building he collapsed. despite the best efforts of paramedics on the scene, and then doctors at medstar, lieutenant mcrae died. here's what mayor bows her to say today. >> how sincerely mournful we are for this firefighter who was an uncommon firefighter. he's been on the job a long time. he rose through ranks from a cadet and he's mentored a lot of firefighters. please keep our whole force in your thoughts and prayers.
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they've suffered a great loss. >> reporter: now what makes this even a more of a tragedy for the mcrae family kevin mcrae is the 100th firefighter to die in the line of duty in the district and it has been eight years since another firefighter has died. that last firefighter to be killed, to die in the line of duty was kevin mcrae's cousin james mcrae. he died in 2007 at his firehouse in northwest after battling a fire earlier that day. back to you. >> first responders across the area have been taking to social media today sending out their thoughts and their prayers to d.c. fire and dms. we invite you to do the same. you can leave your condolences on our nbc washington facebook page. now our first look of a man suspected of attacking a woman in prince george's county. police released this sketch. the man grabbed a 19-year-old
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last wednesday as she was walking on lake arbor way. he implied he had a gun, forced her to a field and sexually assaulted her there. you can share the picture from our facebook page. larry hogan today lifted the state of emergency in baltimore and pledged millions of dollars to help rebuild the city. >> while the total costs of dealing with the baltimore crisis are yet to be fully calculated the state will be withdrawing $20 million from the rainy day fund to cover some of that expense. >> governor hogan pointed the lieutenant governor to oversee the role in the clean-up efforts. 250 businesses were disturbed or destroyed in the disturbances that followed freddie gray. the mayor of baltimore said things need to change before the city can really heal.
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she's calling for a federal investigation into the city's police department to look for any longstanding patterns of discrimination or abuse. >> we have to have a foundation of trust. and that i believe we need the assistance of the department of justice and the civil rights investigation to lay, to shore up that foundation that is weak right now in our city. >> that request comes one day after attorney general loretta lynch visited baltimore for the first time since the riots. the justice department says lynch has received the mayor's request and is considering it. now that the curfew is lifted in baltimore, prince will be performing there. he is holding a special rally for peace concert at royal farms arena this sunday. tickets go on sale in just under an hour and some of the proceeds will help in baltimore's recovery. check the nbc washington app for details. it turns out the nfl's
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deflategate investigation may have produced a little more than hot air. the nfl investigator looked into whether they intentionally inflated footballs says probably yes. and that quarterback tom brady was at least generally aware of it. the report fault twos patriots employees, a locker room attendant and an equipment assistant. the patriots went on to win the super bowl. thousands of gallons of raw sewage are still leaking in a local neighborhood right now and it might not stop leaking until friday. an underground sewer line broke along huron drive in oxon hill. today sanitary commission said it takes two or more days to install a temporary pipe to divert the waste water to a nearby manhole. this is happening behind houses and near a play ground at forest heights elementary.
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disturbing new findings about the deadly jetliner crash in the alps. did the co-pilot do a practice run? the evidence investigators just found aboard a may not and why it almost went unnoticed. and elton john's fight for global help. the message for lawmakers. and we've got some hefty storms out there right now. prince william and montgomery a new warning now. new severe thunderstorm warning for montgomery as well as fairfax county until 4:45. these storms headed to the east toward glen echo south kensington wheaton and aspen hill could be producing some hail as well as higher winds. also some lightning and
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was he rehearsing? that's one of the questions raised in an interim report on the crash of germanwings flight 9525. in the flight to barcelona, immediately before the doomed flight on march 24th co-pilot andreas lubitz waited until the pilot was out of the cockpit and repeatedly programmed the plane into a sharp descent before restoring the proper altitude. two hours later, on the return to duesseldorf with the same crew on board, lubitz is believed to have deliberately crashed the plane into a mountainside. tom costello working the story and joins us in our second
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half-hour. now to capitol hill in an extremely well attended hearing. elton john was one of the witnesses today. the british pop star praised congress for its leadership in the global fight against aids. he noted the battle is not over. john says congress has the power to end aids within his lifetime. the panel also heard from pastor rick warren pastor of one of the largest churches in the country. urged congress to eradicate disease around the world. it's the future of business. the new program just announce that had would put commercial drones in the sky. we'll tell you which companies are taking flight. and we're tracking a new warning for the washington
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the radar is lighting up. >> we're seeing a number of severe storm warnings issued. not so much because. high winds but the size of the hail. in fairfax county now we're seeing the hail markers coming up in prince william county. a new severe warning here. fauquier county until 4:45. these are making their way toward the south and southeast. so moving right along areas toward lake ridge, toward dale city. 4:37 and then toward the
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triangle area. this of course during the afternoon and evening rush and a handful of other warnings. we have that warning in montgomery county as well as fairfax county and another in frederick county in virginia. so all of these until 4:45. they're mainly southbound. it will hit spots like brook mont. bethesda by 4:23. 4:26 toward south kensington. the wheaton area by 4:28. riding along areas of 495. the beltway, during the evening rush here. that other storm. we continue to track it. possibly producing some hail. it will be making its way toward winchester and right down 17. we've got three pretty good clusters out there. what we expect the storm to hang on until 7:00 maybe as late as 8:00 p.m. here's a look at 7:00 p.m. in the future weather.
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another line coming through when we lose the daytime heating. here's 9:00 this evening down around fredericksburg and maybe to the north around hagerstown. we could see some showers lingering. our big storm chances over by around 8:00. the temperatures at 79 degrees. we'll cool very quickly to 70 by 9:00. 66. this weather system that is helping to cause these thunderstorms across the area will start to wash out. tomorrow with an easterly wind i think we'll mainly see. there's that front that will wash out. the storms mostly along and to the north of it. tomorrow it is mostly going to be some fog in the morning. clouds across the area during afternoon and maybe a sprinkle or two during afternoon. a look at your four day forecast. the high tomorrow 80 degrees. we're at 83 on friday. we could see an isolated shower. maybe even a little pop-up thunderstorm. this weekend is definitely looking cooler. the very latest on storm team 4 radar is these clusters of
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storms that are firing up and coming up very quickly too, producing not so much the high wind but the hail because of the cooler temperatures aloft. there are the warnings and areas of montgomery fairfax, fauquier county and the other one in frederick county virginia. during afternoon rush, there could be a few more warnings coming up over the next couple hours. we'll have a lot more coming up should they be issued right here. thank you. get ready to rock the red again. the caps and rangers face off in game four of their series. diana is live at the verizon center. here we go again. >> who do i have to talk to to get you down here already? >> i was down there two nights ago. >> you have to text me next time. >> you were busy working. >> i know he know. i am busy. this is good work. yes, i'm working but this is the best. it is game four between the rangers and caps.
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if they win the next two, they will get past the second round. the last time they went that far, they were in the stanley cup finals. if you are going to watch the game check to see if the caps score first. they had an 89% chance of winning when they did that. tonight the puck drops at 7:30. coming up at 5:00. this is so fitting. we've got mother's day coming up on sunday. and braden holeby the goalie his mother is notorious for going crazy in the stands and we'll introduce you to her. >> we'll see you then. he's in the war zone protecting our country. a virginia soldier still has time for his young son. >> boy, did he. first at 4:00, the story time surprise that one little boy will remember forever. and you are drinking a cup
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parents and teachers make a very special surprise for a
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kindergartner in virginia. he got to hear and see his cad read the class a story via skype all the way from afghanistan. his dad is a lieutenant come in the air force and he hasn't seen his family since christmas. >> hi! >> how did dad know them? >> news4's zachary will have more on what made this surprise so special coming up at 6:00. what a treat. we all need it but most of us don't get anywhere near enough. we're talking about sleep. today we are learning just how much shut-eye people in our eye are getting. >> if you're hitting that afternoon wall right now, you are not alone. it is probably because you're not getting enough sleep. sleep number crunched the data. on average americans are missing about an hour of sleep every night. that means most americans are getting a little less than seven hours per night. 41% of people surveyed said they
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sleep less than four hours a night. it looks at sleep by state. people here are getting the longest. 6.9 hours a night. in maryland a little more than 6 1/2 hours of sleep. and virginians are getting 6.8 hours of sleep. the best rated state in the country for sleep, idaho. with just over seven hours of sleep per night. >> need to go to idaho, i guess. one of the few things both republicans and democrats have in common. we're talking about stress here. tonight we're meeting the group of congressmen and staffers who are letting go of their politics by getting together to practice mindfulness and meditation. a rare moment of peace in the midst of busy capitol hill. this group of congressional staffers is finding stillness, breathing and meditating. they say it helps them relieve
4:26 pm
stress find patience and focus so they can perform better at work. >> i knew the days i did it. i was a little bit better a little bit calmer a little bit nicer, a little more focused. >> that's congressman jim ryan a democrat from ohio. he started this movement on the hill. i'll have more from him tonight and he'll show us how to meditate. even in your office anywhere really. that's mindfulness on the hill. tonight on news4 at 11:00. and everybody is starting to do this. medicine backs it up. you have nfl players doing it marines doing it too. >> let's try it. sharing their hopes, dreams and their fears. >> the mayor wants to hear from young people in the district. how she is using the #i wish you knew to start a conversation. troy johnson is in the house to talk more about it. >> and we're tracking a severe thunderstorm warning for the
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so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. it's a busy afternoon. we have a handful of thunderstorms. we've had torrential downpours and hail as large as a half dollar size and golf ball size in fairfax. a severe thunderstorm warning, fauquier county prince william
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county. along areas of 66 we can go to the v-dot cam. you can see how hard it is raining and the lightning across the area. look at the road conditions. there's ponding on area roads. we've seen more than two inches fall from some of these thunderstorm cells. for sure traffic will be impacted this afternoon as well as this evening. now in term of what is left i told you the severe thunderstorm warning for prince william county fauquier county still up. this one making its way right down through remainder of fauquier county prince william county away from 66. toward triangle toward quantico. we're seeing another cell here. this one showing signs of dissipating as it heads toward areas like north bethesda as well as brook mont. that will be its way across areas of 495. and this whole line up to the north may start to come together too. producing more thunderstorms eventually hitting perhaps even
4:31 pm
blue mont and leesburg. a lot of rain, some large hail. i'll be back with more should any warnings be issued and you can always download our nbc washington app if you're away from your tv. the live desk on that very deadly high rise blaze that has people mourning a firefighter, lieutenant kevin mcrae. the 100th d.c. firefighter to die in the line of duty. he was a 24-year veteran of that department. he collapsed after he was battling flames at an apartment building on seventh street northwest near o. investigators are still working to find out what spargd this fire. it was intense enough to have some residents telling us that they feel lucky they survived. the red cross helping residents whose apartments were damaged or destroyed. and a medical examiner will determine exactly what caused lieutenant mcrae's death. at the live desk. back to you. back to the other big story
4:32 pm
of this day. attorney general loretta lynch is considering a request from baltimore. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake wants the justice department to review the police department in an effort to repair the troubled relationship with the community. steve handelsman has the story. the national guard has pulled out and the baltimore state of emergency is lifted. but mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says the federal government needs to investigate her police department. >> baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the community. >> reporter: the justice department is already investigating whether freddie gray's rights got violated. by any or all of the six comes charged in the death or by others. the new probe would look at the pattern of policing in baltimore. who gets stopped, arrested, treated aggressively. baltimore's recent record is disturbing. 100 lawsuits. >> we have now over the last four or five years paid out $6 million in settlements because
4:33 pm
of excessive force. a federal probe of the ferguson missouri police in march found a pattern of racism. >> whatever they find we need to repair wrip the community and have a department that our citizens deserve. i'm determined to get that done. >> reporter: the police and many of the supporters complained. comes are being sent out to deal with broken families bad schools and high unemployment. >> these problems of taken many decades to grow. and they will likely take decades to repair. >> reporter: but good policing most agree, might help. the feds will look at thousands of police records and talk to cops and citizens to uncover how baltimore was being policed before the explosion. nbc news washington. a sterling virginia man is under arrest accused of pulling a gun on two other men outside his home early this morning.
4:34 pm
police say derek ampadu-boateng. the suspect came back with a gun. he is charged with brandishing a firearm near his school. a new social media campaign called i wish you knew. good to see you again. his campaign kicked off last week during the d.c. spogsorred career fair. what sort of reaction are you hearing in the community? the listeners that i talked to are very excite about this. parents themselves and they're having these conversations with their kids. what are you going to do next? what will happen with what you want to do in school? your career? that's just folks that have parents that are participating. there are a lot of kids that don't have that kind of guidance. so here's an opportunity.
4:35 pm
i want to know about you. i want to know what you're thinking about the rest of your life. planning your life. it's a good thing. >> we caught up with the mayor today to ask her about the campaign. let's listen in. >> sometimes we just don't ask them. what is on your mind? what do you need? what can the city do for to you expand opportunity? where are we dropping the ball? what's wrong? i think if we listen to our young people in productive ways and give them the opportunity to vent to us sometimes, we would be surprised with what they have to say. >> this comes at a time when we see in baltimore, young people at unrest and not really really lashing out because they're angry about not having opportunities. and there are kids here in washington, d.c. dealing with those issues. over 7,000 kids are not plugged into school. not on track to graduate. we know how critical education is. this is a way for the mayor to
4:36 pm
address the issue. >> and we've been hearing some of the young people felt like they weren't empowered and didn't have anyone's ear. >> harnessing the power of social media is what the mayor is latching on to. with that #i wish you knew you don't have to be anywhere but with your phone or your laptop. and you can tell mayor exactly what's on your mind. whatever your issue is in your community. all of those things. and there's a town hall meeting tomorrow. >> absolutely. make sure you join in. simply by using that #that we've been telling you about. i wish you knew. that's all you have to do. the twitter townhall is from 4:to 5:30 p.m. we're proud to be part of this engagement along with other radio stations traunld washington area. we're glad to support her and the kids. we'll be reading the tweets. the woman accused of repeatedly trying to sneak on board airplanes may have stride it again.
4:37 pm
marilyn hartman is charged with criminal trespassing. chicago police say they caught her in a restricted part of o'hare last month without a ticket. she is accused of trying to sneak on to flights about a dozen times across the country. she's even banned at san francisco airport. hartman said she suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness called whistle blower trauma syndrome. pizza and a woman's quick thinking saves lives. how she managed to stop a dangerous hostage situation by placing a delivery order. and strangers tracking your every move from your home appliances. the steps you need to take to protect your privacy. and storm team 4 is tracking that severe thunderstorm warning. >> yeah. we're seeing the thunderstorms fire very quickly. we've had a number of warnings. now reports of some half dollar size hail and two inch rain. this is 66 and 29.
4:38 pm
we can see more roads that look like this. we'll have a lot more coming up.
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels
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sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. it is one of the most talked about stories on facebook today. a mother uses a pizza place app to get attention of police. using her cell phone she
4:41 pm
discreetly typed in a food order. then she typed in hostage, help get 911. deputies found her and her three children in the home. her ex-boyfriend was there sharpening a knife. >> i think someone was playing a prank on you? >> no. i've been here 28 years and i've never seen nothing like that come through. >> it is moments like this in law enforcement. you get to help people actually. that make you feel good. >> the woman and her children were not seriously injured. her boyfriend is now in jail. police don't believe he had any idea she had called for help. good for her. smart appliances have taken over as the new trend in the tech world. now you can program your coffee maker, even your crock pot from your phone. >> this new technology may come at a cost. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to explain. >> these devices are here to make your life easier but consumer reports says some of them could be putting your privacy at risk.
4:42 pm
brewing coffee from bed. adjusting the temperature on your slow cooker from anywhere. these are some of the things do you know with connective devices and an app on your smartphone or tablet. she uses her wi-fi connected baby monitor to keep an eye on her son when she's home and even when she's not. >> if i leave him with a baby sitter i like to know what's going on. >> but wi-fi cameras are at risk of being hacked by strangers. there's a website dedicated to streaming cameras that aren't pass protected. >> an unprotect cam are is worse than none at all. >> there areal connected devices that collect your personal info and send it over the internet. coffee makers and crock pots know your hanlts. activity trackers know how much you move and could even know your location using gps.
4:43 pm
some of this may not seem troubling but a burglar armed with that info could know when you leave the house. there is no evidence criminals are using this data yet, consumer reports says you can reduce the am of information that's collected. >> if you don't plan on using the connected feet ours a product, buy the nonconnected version or just don't set it up on your wi-fi network. if it is not hoogdlooked up it is not sending information. >> turn off the connected devices when you're not using them. if you're not using they will, they're not sending information to the internet. treasures of american history that ended up traded and sold. where they're going and why they're so hard to track. as i mentioned, likely to see a few more thunderstorm warnings. this one in virginia.
4:44 pm
fauquier county prince william county until 5:15. they have been producing hail. some very heavy rain and frequent lightning. we'll talk about what's next for us.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
because of the strong storms we're seeing them warned
4:47 pm
about. some heavy rains too coming out of them but mostly the hail. this latest warning warren county. areas of western loudoun. bethel blue mont howard'sville, toward marshall area northern fauquier county. this goes until 5:15. you can see the cities that will be impacted. airmont by 5:03. large area of rain. that's the little hail marker. there could be some hail making its way across 66 in the next couple of minutes. frequent lightning, too. we've seen with these, just stay safe and weather ready. another area handle been rained on yet. it is just on the other side of 70 and it will be its way right down to the south and east. just staying parallel toward
4:48 pm
walkersville. there's the one warning. i've seen off the radar so you can see the markers. the storm potentially with some hail. the northern side around frederick county maryland. there's the lightning with some of these. still making their way toward prince william county now. so a few strong thunderstorms for us. what to expect this evening? until around 7:00 8:00, some hail and wind. we've had large size hail being reported. pedestrian forecast here. the 65 degrees early tomorrow morning. between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. a little humid. the temperature at 72 degrees. it is a green light. a green light at recess. some sprinkles coming through as well as some clouds making their way through. tomorrow it is an easterly wind as this weather system starts to
4:49 pm
wash out. 80 degrees, the high for tomorrow. as we get into tweaked, 82 to yeem degrees with a slipt chance of a passing shower. maybe even a thunderstorm coming our way. a new warning coming out. i'm going to back out of the way. as for clark, fauquier frederick county, until 5:15. i'm seeing that now. meanwhile let switch over. i do have an image that i captured here. this is some of the largest hail that has occurred. bruce higgins sent this in. look at that. absolutely covering his deck. we continue to track these thunderstorm making their way through the area. manile warnings to come out already. here's a look at tower cam. you can see the darkening skies to the east and haven't gotten
4:50 pm
those thunderstorm. that severe thunderstorm warning fauquier warren county these warnings. this cluster. again, until 5:15. you can see it right there. and it will be making its way across areas of 66. we've got a lot more folks coming up on news4 at 5:00. that's a busy one. prized presidential possessions, far removed from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we're talking about furniture, china, even trinkets touched by u.s. presidents and they're being traded and sold. the news4 i-team scott mcfarland discovered some of what is changing hands shouldn't be. >> the most famous building, the most famous address in the nation. everything in the white house becomes a piece of history.
4:51 pm
a valuable keep sake. joe levine knows that better than anyone. >> it has to weigh about 10 15 pounds. >> his virginia home is filled with memorabilia he collects and sells. >> i'm asking $32,000 for that. >> this is brass. this has to be an extraordinarily valuable gift. >> the china and presidential tie clips. >> i've made a nice living through the years selling this. >> the white house stuff. >> yeah. >> white house handouts and memorabilia can be traded and sold. but white house property cannot brian miller a former federal investigator spotted this about to be sold at auction. >> we needed to stop the auction right away. that should belong to the american taxpayers. >> a white house rocking chair about to be put on the block in atlanta. and it is not just any rocking
4:52 pm
chair. teddy roosevelt's rocking chair, purchased at the turn of the century. last century. kept in t.r.'s bedroom. and after he left it was in other white house bedrooms for 50 years. >> in this case the chair belongs to the u.s. government. >> miller the former general. get it back from a form he worker. >> the worker took it home restored and it kept it within their family until it was put up for auction in 2012. >> the white house worker thought it was junk. thought it was supposed to be thrown away. and he brought it home. >> correct. >> before the 1960s, white house property was often given away to friends or taken by the staff. and there are two centuries of hess, to white house pieces missing. a private groups that tracked them. the organize had a spemt $44
4:53 pm
million, including china pieces from abraham lincoln's presidency. a dessert stand of james hoke. joe says his collectibles are gifts from the presidents, medals and papers. >> the collecting of this before ebay was within a rarified group of people. >> but femd somebody wanted to sell the property they would have little trouble. >> who is policing this? >> no one is policing it. >> he's right. no one is chasing down the lost white house property. as for the teddy roosevelt rocking chair. we checked and the white house has it back. it now sits in a storage room. news4 i-team. >> if you have a story for the imteam we want to hear from you. or e-mail tips at news4
4:54 pm shocking new details about the deadly plane crash in the pall. did a pilot practice that deadly descent? investigators have just uncovered it. why no one ever noticed what he was planning. and it is a stormy afternoon. we've got reports of not only the heavy rain and lightning but the large hail. look at this all through the area. and the severe storm warnings continue for warren county. fauquier county prince william county. we've got a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
it is a chilling new report on the trash of flight 9525. investigators found he may have rehearsed changing altitudes before the final flight ever took off. tom joins us now from nbc's washington bureau. do you have any idea tom, about what was going on with this plane? was the same captain and why wr the same crew members on the rehearsal flight? >> at least the same captain and the same co-pilot. this was report released this morning. it is a preliminary report into the crash. they describe the flight from duesseldorf into barcelona. that's the flight immediately prior to the fatal crash. wham is the flight data recorder showed the co-pilot programmed erratic altitudes into the
4:58 pm
flight compute where's the captain was out of the cockpit. moves that would have taken it down to 100 feet, up to 49,000 feet. five moves over 4:30. the changes were never noticed by anyone on board or controllers because number one, they may not have actually been executed. in other words, he never hit engage. and because the plane was also already descending rather peacefully if you will into barcelona and it handed normally. so if there were sudden movements where the co-pilot programmed in to send it it only lasted a few seconds and then it came back to its normal descent pattern, it is unlikely anybody would have noticed but it was on the next flight back to duesseldorf when the co-pilot flew the plane into the mountain killing everybody on board. so investigators are looking into what they call a systematic failing that may have led to this accident. and they're trying to understand why he was at that moment was
4:59 pm
he thinking about suicide or practicing for the next flight? >> tom costello thank you. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. right now at 5:00. force in mourning. >> today is a sad day. >> a 25-year veteran, a father of three, lost in the lien of duty. >> as the building collapsed. what we're learning about that family's heart breaking history. next thing i know we're looking up and it is firing roaring. >> live team coverage begins now. we started with lightning, downpours. >> today's heat is helping fuel those thunderstorms. doug kammerer is tracking it all for us. >> you talk about the hail.
5:00 pm
we are seeing half dollar and even golf ball size hail. that's some of the biggest that you see around this area. you can see the storms as they moved through region and continuing to develop. fairfax county was getting crushed earlier. now those same storms put out a boundary that is hitting parts of fauquier county and loudoun county. severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 5:15 for clark county fauquier county. two different storms. this storm around the marshall area. this is the strongest storm we've halfway. we want to put the hail here. this is an indicator where the hail is. halfway between middle berg and any time you see the purples, you know we're seeing hail. this does have hail with it.